he platform’s administrators failed to detect in time illegal user content, some of which seriously breached the law, the statement said. The company said it was not clear when the platform – which shut down April 11 for addres s the situation – will resume service, but that it will notify clients when this is confirmed. The punitive measures followed the false claims from the company regarding copy right of the recently released black hole picture, which angered a number of media platforms. The issue received public attention after the Chinese Communist Yo uth League accused Visual China of selling images of the national flagRead More →

 see three panda cubs frolicking behind a green fence and climbing the fence, along with two h uman hands touching the nose and head of a cub. The one touching the head had red nail polish. The post angered netizens who criticized Han for endangering the cub, fearing diseases from humans might pass to the animals. A week later, Han deleted her posts, saying she loved pandas and would behav e herself in the future. She also said she loved other animals and kept two dogs at home. One netizen condemned Han for not considering the spread of the canine distemper virus to the pandaRead More →

ros horns, pangolin scales, dried sea horses, red corals, and hawksbill turtles, Zheng said. A major overseas criminal gang once active in smuggling animals to Guangdong province has been busted following the crackdown, he said. He suggested that further special campaigns will be launched to fight against such smuggling in the coming months. Water pollution has forced many regions, especially in southern China, to change their sou rces of drinking water, with many reaching out to the Yangtze River, a report said. The contamination of water bodies has made drinking water in souther n China more scarce, despite a dense network of waterways, according toRead More →

from China and overseas since it opened in 1968. Leaders from more than 70 countries and over 600 delegations from 150 nations have visited it. During the three days it reopened to the public before taking road traffic in December, the bridge had more than 200,000 visitors. The 4,589-meter-long structure reopened after 27 months of repairs. As China’s first home-designed road and rail truss bridge, it has been p raised and loved by many. A truss bridge is one whose load-bearing superstructure is composed of connected elements forming triangular units. Liu Yong, 63, a retired teacher from Nanjing, said he was in elementary school whenRead More →

ad and rail functions.In 2014, it was listed as an Immovable Cultural Relic under State Coun cil-designated protection, and two years later as part of China’s 20th century architectural heritage. Yang Tao, director of the Nanjing Institute for Urban and Tran sportation Planning and Design, said it was extre mely hard to build the rail section of the bridge because of limited skills and technologies. “But many bridge-building technologies were subsequently invented and these have not beco me outdated, even today. Completion of the bridge has played an important role in the economic and cultural e xchanges between areas north and south of the Yangtze,Read More →

an underwater tunnel should be built to connect the railways in Nanjing , but his dream was not realized for about 100 years. In 1929, Sun’s casket was transpor ted to Pukou district along the Tientsin-Pukow Railway before being ferried to downtown Nanjing. In 1930, John Alexander Low Waddell, a 76-year-old Canadian who was a traffic consultant to the Chinese government, said the Yangtze in Nanjing was too deep and was flowing too fast to construct a bridge, according to the Academy of Sociology. The government launched large-scale investigations in 1936 and 1946 before dropping the pla n. In 1956, the State Council, China’s Cabinet,Read More →

The number of Chinese studying abroad grew at a slower rate in 2018 compared with 2017, as more students have come to realize that overseas study does not necessarily guarantee a well-paid job on foreign shores, or back home, education experts said. In 2018, 662,100 Chinese went abroad to study, up 8.83 percent from a year earlier, w hile the growth rate was 11.7 percent in 2017, according to the Ministry of Education. Ran Wei, vice-president of New Channel International Education Group, said that while one should not read too much into the lower growth rate last year because of the la rge base inRead More →

 accelerating its transition from high-speed growth to high-quality develo pment, as its economic structure continues to upgrade, and new momentum sustains remarkable growth. China has adopted a proactive fiscal policy this year with greater intensity and enhanced efficiency, rolling out substa ntial tax cuts and fee reductions, and its economic growth in the first quarter has gotten off to a good start, Liu said. The minister said his country will continue to significantly relax ma rket access, enhance the protection of intellectual property rights, and carry out larg er-scale tax cuts and fee reductions, so as to create a more attractive investment and business environment.Read More →

Image-editing app developer Meitu Inc stated, in response to previous reports, that it was not true the company planned to shut down its smartphone business by the middle of this year. Meitu would cooperate with Xiaomi to launch a new smartphone marking the beginning of a new area . The cooperation with Xiaomi will represent the start of technological enhancement and scale devel opment, said Meitu’s spokesman, accepting an interview with Shanghai Securities News on Monday. On November 19, the company and Chinese smartphone maker Xia omi reached a global strategic cooperation arrangement that gave exclusive license to X iaomi to use Meitu smartphone brand,Read More →

sses the Jialing River with a cable-stayed main span that is 312 meters, connecting the Jiangbei and the Yuzhon g Districts. It’s the world’s longest single plane cable-stayed bridge by the length of main span with one tower. Both are double deck structures carrying four lanes of traffic on their upper decks and two rail lines on their lower decks. Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize awards civil engineering projects that have made great achievements on technological innovation and technological application. The Twin River Bridges are sceneries by themselves while look ing separately and complement each other nicely when looking together, according to its review onRead More →